die :(

I want to die. What is the use of staying alive?
What is the purpose of my life?
When I am always living with so much strife.
I can’t go on living this way.
I can’t stand boring day, after boring day.
Just watching my life waste away.
You must think I am a drama queen,
You haven’t been there, you haven’t seen
The disaster my life has been.
I know death is part of living, but all I know
Is that I will be quitting my life,
which has no meaning.
I want death to take over,
I want to go being sober,
Knowing what I am doing,
Aware of where I am going.
No need for drugs, no need to disguise
The feeling certain death will arise.
I will go quietly, no one will know
Just let me sleep, and not wake up tomorrow.
I want to die, don't want to cry, no one understands my sorrow...