100 things iloveyou about you :)

1. I love your smile.
2. I love your soft bunny-like hair.
3. I love your body from head to toe.
4. I love that you are my best friend.
5. I love how comfortable i feel when we are together.
6. I love that you can pretty much read my mind.
7. I love that we are almost always together.
8. I love when you hold my hand while you are driving.
9. I love when you stay up late to talk to me.
10. I love they way you hold me when we cuddle.
11. I love they way you say "I Love You" to me.
12. I love the way you make me feel when you are around.
13. I love the butterflies i get in my belly when we kiss.
14. I love the surprise kisses you give me.
15. I love the way our fingers perfectly lace together.
16. I love that i have to go on my toes to kiss you.
17. I love they way you look when you are sleeping.
18. I love the way you look at me.
19. I love cuddling in my front yard watching the stars at night, with you.
20. I love when we go hiking to that cross/star on the mountain.
21. I love the silly plans we make that will never happen.
22. I love how we can talk for hours on end,
23. I love the way you look in your work uniform.
24. I love when you do silly things to make me laugh.
25. I love your dances.
26. I love our little inside jokes.
27. I love that you would do just about anything for me.
28. I love when you give me hugs from the back.
29. I love that you are friends with my friends.
30. I love the way we tease each other.
31. I love that you always know what to say to me.
32. I love the way you smell.
33. I love that you always spray your cologne on the things you give me.
34. I love when i go home and i smell like you.
35. I love when you tell me that you miss me.
36. I love when you call me when you wake up, just to tell me a good morning.
37. I love the way you awkwardly hold babies.
38. I love that you are willing to do anything i want to do.
39. I love the nerdy things you do.
40. I love that you can love me no matter what mood i'm in.
41. I love when you tickle me.
42. I love when you give me back rubs.
43. I love when you accidentally fall asleep at my house, and spend the night.
44. I love when you pick me up and kiss me.
45. I love our food eating contests.
46. I love that no matter what i do you will never judge me.
47. I love that you never leave my thoughts.
48. I love that you remember everything i tell you.
49. I love when you call me beautiful even when i'm not wearing makeup.
50. I love that you are so close with your mom and the rest of your family.
51. I love that you can deal with my crazy family.
52. I love when you let me wear your clothes.
53. I love how we tell each other everything.
54. I love that you are a cheese-ball.
55. I love that we are perfect for each other.
56. I love how i can trust you with anything.
57. I love the amazing advice that you give.
58. I love that you keep all the promises you make.
59. I love that you are defiantly the best boyfriend in the world.
60. I love how you honestly care about peoples feelings.
61. I love when we look into each others eyes and try to describe their color.
62. I love that we listen to the same music.
63. I love that you are an amazing listener.
64. I love your personality.
65. I love your random twitches in your sleep.
66. I love when you sing to me.
67. I love that you love everything about me, even the things about me that i hate.
68. I love your silly catch phrases.
69. I love how you are the only one that can leave me speechless.
70. I love when you call me your baby.
71. I love how you worry/protect/care about me.
72. I love when we make pinky promises.
73. I love wrestling with you.
74. I love how all the simple things are so much better with you.
75. I love when things i say/do rub off on you.
76 I love when you tell me how much you love me.
78. I love how i love you more and more each day.
79. I love how you make me so happy.
80. I love when we talk about our future.
82. I love that you are always in a good mood.
83. I love how you inspire me.
84. I love that you care about me so much.
85. I love how your a little on the shy side.
86. I love how seeing you is the highlight of my day.
87. I love that we wait up til 11:11 each night just to make a wish together.
88. I love the adorable/weird things we do together.
89. I love that we are total creepers.
90. I love that you completely trust me.
91. I love the piggyback rides you give me.
92. I love that you can eat all day but still manage not to gain weight.
93. I love how we can sit around and do nothing but still have an amazing time.
94. I love when we share food.
95. I love how cute you look when you laugh.
96. I love the silly things you do that makes everyone laugh.
97. I love you like whoaa.
98. I love absolutely EVERYTHING about you.
99. I love that you are mine, and only mine.
100. I love the way you love me.<33